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Jetton Village III Professional Center Property Owners Association, Inc.| PO Box 3608, Mooresville, NC 28117 | 704-799-9770 | Fax 704-799-9789

After Hours Emergency Number 1-888-498-4946


No warranty or representation expressed or implied, is made to the accuracy of the information contained herein.

Jetton Village III Professional Center’s gazebo area is private property owned, maintained and managed by the Association as a common area for non-exclusive right and easement of use by its members.  In order to protect this valuable asset, the Association’s Board of Directors maintains regulations that govern use of the facilities by groups, gatherings or special events; and restricts these uses to our association members and their tenants, groups who are sponsored by an association member, and legal non-profit organizations.

If specific details not yet posted to this website, information may be requested by contacting the Association's Property Manager at 704-799-9770


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